29 April 2017

Junior/Senior and Software Developer vs Software Engineer vs Software Architect

GRADUATE/JUNIOR/SENIOR Software Developer vs Software Engineer vs Software Architect

Senior ... what does mean for company ? What is difference between Junior/Senior/X developer ?

What are difference between Junior / Mid / Senior Developer ?

My eyes start bleeding when I read some emails from recrutires 

 Great engineers should not simply be order takers, but actively part of product development.

While I looking for job I found that recruiters don't distinguish difference between software developer , engineer and architect.
While I spend some time with Scrum framework. I discover big picture design is a bad thing.
I agree that waterfall is bad , but 'generic high level picture' is mandatory element for successful software.

Vision and structure will be adapt to changes required by request from real world (user,customers ,businesses) and this where scrum is awesome ,but lack of sounds like anarchy and that's wrong

Software Architecture for Developers gives me a few hints.

If this notes teach at least 1 Recruiter to gather
and saves precious time of person
I will be proud of my achievement.

If you are recruitrer
Graduate Developer

junior, intermediate, and senior, I have seen them all.